far too unstable to ever become dull

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CultureSOUL: *Vintage*  Black Ballerinas

1. Doris Patterson’s dance class, Washington D.C, 1948-1949

2. Young dancers, 1959; Flora Robb Dance Studio, Oxnard, CA, 1959.

3. ‘The Black Swan’ - Photo by Luis Castaneda, Miami, FL 1990

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loverboyadoresbeauty asked: hey sweetheart, how are you ? this is daniel, i hope everything is so far so good with this year. well i like your blog alot you know and you look really lovely. i would like to get a submission from you sometime soon if you dont mind because its always a pleasure for me to blog one of your pic which i call a piece of art ;) ok take care yourself honey. kisses.

maybe baby

Anonymous asked: Could you take a picture of your bum/you in doggy?

this is where you want to be


Heath Ledger photographed by Anthony Mandler for Flaunt Magazine, 2002

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Bearded dragon by andedam on Flickr.
Bearded Dragon Behaviour

Lying on Top of Each Other
This may look like your bearded dragons are getting along and are great companions, but it’s actually a sign of dominance. In the animal kingdom it is the survival of the fittest, and bearded dragons need UV rays to remain healthy. So the dominate bearded dragon will always try to get as many UV rays as possible.Source

Frida Gustavsson by Camilla Akrans

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